About Us

Highbay Exchange Company Introduction

Hi and Welcome to Highbay Exchange! We created this 2sided document as to make clear who we are and how we intend to engage your Business.

Who we are? We have been in business for roughly 2 years also trading previously as ACE Electrical services pty ltd, Highbay Exchange is a dedicated team of professionals who assist commercial businesses to improve and replace their Old and generally inefficient lighting with New energy efficient lighting!

We work with Channel partner who is licenced under the VEET Scheme which is the government’s program to get the energy companies to reduce carbon emissions by paying for the upgrade of these businesses lighting Facilities to reduce the energy consumption, more than Approximately 700,000 businesses throughout Australia and Residential homes also have already taken part and had their lighting upgraded and are saving money!

The Veet program is highly regulated we must adhere to strict conditions and provide what we call a Lumens report which means a Lighting efficiency report to prove the lighting installed is matching or above the previous lights and that it meets the requirements of the warehouse.

What we do? We Replace businesses 400W Mercury Vapour others wise known as Metal halides with Energy Efficient lighting at no cost!

We have a variety of products to suite the type of lighting needed in the business depending on the roof height and current stock available.

How we do it? We have 3 types of scissor lifts available for the Jobs depending on the Roof height and all our Installers are A Grade Qualified Technicians:

What products we use? Depending on the Roof Height and nature of the business this will determine the Products our Business Development Manager your dealing with will recommend for installation this is then verified twice more.


Highbay Exchange – Helping Businesses Save Money

For too long people have been forced to pay over the top with electricity bills. That is why Highbay Exchange is here to help. We are a full focused and established company, that is dedicated to providing a full lighting upgrade service. No longer will you be using energy-sapping lights in your property. You’ll be enjoying high quality, government-backed lights that will reduce your bills, save you money and help the environment.

Dedicated To Helping Businesses Throughout Melbourne.

As a business ourselves, we understand that lighting and bills play a big factor in the overall running of operations. That is why we decided to become the solustion for many industrial workplaces and warehouses throughout Melbourne. We are here only to help industries that want to cut back their bills, save money and contribute to reducing the amount of energy on the environment. So if you want to enjoy the best lighting service in Melbourne, then reach out to us today. Our team of professional electricians are ready to help you.

Committed To Helping Melbourne.

Start the move to a more sharper and better lighting system that is going to save you money and help the environment. We are here to help you when you need it. We work throughout Melbourne and we work when you need it!

If you want to get yourself a free no obligation lighting assessment, and a government rebate, then contact us directly on (03) 8774 2477!