About Us

Highbay Exchange Company Introduction

Hi and Welcome to Highbay Exchange.

Who are we? We have been trading since 2016 and consist of a dedicated team of professionals who assist commercial businesses to improve and replace their old and generally inefficient lighting with new energy efficient LED lighting. We are a part of the Ace Trades Contracting group (www.acetrades.com.au) which includes our own “A” grade fully registered and insured Electricians.

We work with one of Australia’s largest LED producers who is licenced under the VEET Scheme in Victoria. The program provides incentives for Victorian businesses to make energy efficiency improvements that save money on their electricity bills and reduce Victoria’s greenhouse gas emissions. The Essential Services Commission administers the program as the ‘Victorian Energy Efficiency Target scheme’ under the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target Act 2007. (www.veet.vic.gov.au)

What we do? We Replace old technology 400W HID (High Intensity Discharge) Mercury Vapour or Metal Halide high bay lights with Energy Efficient LED lighting often at no cost to our clients. (the supply and install is free depending on your classification under the VEET Scheme). We also replace the old T12 or T8 fluoro tubes (40/36 watt or 20/18 watt) with LED tubes that use about 1/3 of the electricity for the same if not more light output. Low voltage downlights are also replaced with LED downlights, saving even more power. All of our LED lights carry a 5 year Warranty.

We have a variety of products to suit the type of lighting needed in the business depending on the roof height and your specific needs.

We produce a detailed Site Assessment and Proposal for our clients so they fully understand the benefits of updating their lighting.

Highbay Exchange – Helping Businesses Save Money

Lighting electricity bill reductions of up to 80% are not uncommon. LED lighting technology has improved dramatically in recent years to the point where it is the most efficient light source available on the open market today. For example – a new 100 watt LED high bay will produce the same quantity of light on the work plane as old 400 watt HID high bay lights. Generally you will actually get more light than previous. The lamplife of LED is far superior (10-15 years), they don’t deteriorate as fast as the old high bays (only 1% loss per year on average), and their colour rendering (the ability to re-produce colour) is far superior with a CRI of over 80.

Dedicated To Helping Businesses Throughout Melbourne and Beyond.

We service all of Melbourne, and beyond. Although we are based in the South-east, we regularly travel beyond there to complete upgrades for all types of business. Even country areas. We prefer to work with our clients to perform the upgrade when it best suits them. This may mean after hours or weekends, but we understand that interruption to your business must be kept at an absolute minimum.

Committed To Helping Melbourne.

Start the move to a sharper and better lighting system that is going to save you money and help the environment. We are here to help you when you need it. We work throughout Melbourne and country area in Victoria and we work when you need it.

If you want to proceed with a free no obligation lighting assessment, and a government rebate that may cover the entire supply and install cost,  contact us directly on (03) 8774 2477 or  0474 800 997 (ask for Mark)