Industrial lighting – types of industrial lighting for your workplace

Adequate lighting is a key element to maximise the productivity and safety of any workplace. Each workplace in Melbourne may have different requirements in the context of lighting. Various types of lighting fixtures available around to match these different lighting requirements. Over the past period, the lighting industry has reached new heights to invent various lighting types to match different industries. Each of these lighting fixtures has own characteristics. Let’s have an insight to the types of lighting and what can they do to your workplace.

Full spectrum lighting

This particular lighting type gives out more of a natural light. The light emitted by full spectrum lighting fixtures are pretty much similar to the sunlight. Basically, full spectrum lighting is suitable for office environments in order to maximise the productivity. Basically, these lights are preferred by the employees who spend more time in front of computer screens. Allowing employees to direct the light toward their tasks, full spectrum lighting comes are swing arm fixtures.

Halogen Lighting 

Halogen lights are a unique type of fixture that emits a very bright, white light. However, the light emitted by this fixture might perfectly fit for some people only; for other, halogen bulbs are a nightmare. Some people find a very uncomfortable contrast and glare with halogen lighting, but some people claim that halogen lights are the best. The most notable drawback of halogen lights is the heat they generate. When installed in an enclosed environment, halogen lights can become pretty hot.

Fluorescent lighting

Fluorescent lighting is a very popular option among those who want to light up significantly larger area. In general, all the fluorescent lights emit a bluish white colour and capable of illuminating the area perfectly. Compared to most of the other lighting types, fluorescent lighting is affordable and energy efficient. It is a common light type used in malls, grocery stores and public areas in Melbourne.

Incandescent Lighting

This particular light emits a yellowish light. It can be used as a direct light and it is a popular option used in assembly lines etc. In addition to that, in incandescent lights are used as desk lamps and table lamps.  However, these lights to generate some heat than some of the other types, so it can be a drawback in terms of energy efficiency.

HID lighting (High-Intensity Discharge)

This is a similar lighting type to halogen. However, the significantly less heat generated by the HID differentiates them from regular halogen lights. They are relatively energy efficient.

LED Lights (the best solution by far)

By far, LEDs are considered to be the best industrial lighting type because of many reasons. LED lights are extremely eco-friendly and energy efficient. They can match virtually any setup because of this versatility. LEDs come in various colours, shapes, and sizes to match different purposes. Using LEDs, you can create any imaginable ambience. Apart from those, there are many reasons to select LEDs to be the most suitable lighting solution for all the industries in Melbourne.