Why are LED Lights so energy efficient? 

Energy efficiency of LED lights is a popular subject in Melbourne these days. LEDs, by far, are the most energy efficient and versatile lighting solution. This article will explain why LED lights are so energy efficient.

What exactly is a LED light?

LED is the shorten form of Light Emitting Diodes. Technically, LEDs are semiconductors. However, LEDs are differentiated from other semiconductors because of their visible light they produce. LEDs are available in several forms; SSL, OLED, and LEP.

What differentiates LEDs from conventional lights? 

CFL and incandescent lights are other popular types available in Melbourne. The main difference between LEDs and other alternatives used in Melbourne is efficiency. LEDs use diodes to emit light; a small electric signal is sent through the aforementioned semiconductor and the light source within will be illuminated as a result of that. Whatever the heat generated by the process will be immersed by a special heat sink device.

LEDs use a very little amount of energy compared to the old-school incandescent lights and CFLs. But LEDs are still capable of producing the same illumination with adequate brightness with the fraction of the energy.

For instance, a conventional incandescent unite might produce a light with a brightness of 500 lumens (The brightness of the light is measured using a special unit called lumens) consuming 40 watts; LEDs however, will do the same job consuming only about 8 watts.

The reason behind this efficiency is the mechanism of the LEDs. About 90% of the energy sent towards the LED bulb is converted into light and very less amount of heat is generated. On the other hand, incandescent lights use about 80% of the energy to produce heat and the remaining 20% will be converted into light. This scenario clearly explains the reason for the efficiency of LEDs.

Generally, LEDs come in four basic colour variations; green, blue red and amber. Practically, you will not find any white LEDs. The white colour light of the LEDs is the result of the combination of several colours. Other than that, white colour can be achieved using phosphor (which is the yellow colour substances you can observe in most of the LED fixtures).

Because of this high level of energy efficiency, LEDs are used for wide range of purposes. You can see LEDs in small toys and as massive fixtures in factories, warehouses, buildings, shopping complexes etc. Apart from the impressive level of efficiency, LEDs come with several other benefits. They are the most versatile source of light in the modern market in Melbourne; they can be matched nearly every setup. LEDs are a highly eco-friendly option as per the specialists. Less maintenance, longer life span, and attractiveness are other good reasons for people to consider LEDs are their prime source of light.

Now, many businesses in Melbourne have realised the effectiveness of the LEDs and they are rapidly switching to LED from conventional light sources. On the long run, companies can experience a considerable amount of cost reduction (on energy bills) by switching into a lighting source like LED.