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Highbay Exchange has been performing LED Lighting upgrades since early 2016, and we have upgraded hundreds of sites, installing tens-of-thousands of new LED Highbay lights, T Bar recessed Glow Panels and fluoro tubes. We also warranty all our LED light fittings for a full 5 years. Ask us for a list of recent projects – we can even arrange for you to visit them.


Under the VEET Scheme in Victoria, most warehouses, factories and showrooms can have their old lighting upgraded to high-efficiency LED lighting at no cost – supply AND install. Your old 400w highbay lights will be replaced with 96watt or 120watt LED highbays (depending on mounting height) which produce the same or more light. Your old T8 or T12 fluoro tubes (generally 36watt or 40watt) can be replaced with new LED fluoro tubes that only use 1/3 of the electricity for the same light output, and your old T Bar 2 x 36w recessed fluoros (generally office area and showrooms)canl be replaced with 17w, 20w or 23w LED ‘Glow Panels’ that will save you up to 80% off your energy costs. PLUS – we can replace your old low voltage downlights (usually 50w) with LED Downlights that only use less than 1/4 of the electricity. Electricity savings on your power bill for lighting can be reduced by as much as 80%.

For example – a new 96w LED highbay will save on average $135.00 per year when replacing an old 400w highbay. If you have 10 replaced – that’s $1350.00 per year. If you have 50 – that’s a whopping $6750.00 saving PER YEAR. Of course your savings may be more or less, depending on your usage pattern of your existing lights. Replacing just 1 x 36w fluoro tube with a LED upgrade saves $4.50 per year per tube. If you have 100 fluoro tubes replaced, that is a saving of around $450.00 in electricity costs PER YEAR.

The important point here is – that your RETURN ON INVESTMENT can be immediate..


Highbay Exchange is part of the Ace Trades Contracting group, which also includes Ace Electrical. So your upgrade will only be performed by qualified and fully insured “A” grade electricians who know exactly how to do your upgrade. We use our own 8m or 12 scissor lift, and we have access to a high reach boom if required (for larger jobs). We will always assess your site, and work with you to achieve the best possible result. We have a long list of very happy and satisfied clients, and we take pride in our workmanship – which is why we give a lifetime warranty on our workmanship.


Under the VEET Scheme in Victoria, most businesses qualify for a rebate when they upgrade their lighting, and in most cases the supply and install is TOTALLY FREE as the rebate covers our costs. You can research the VEET Scheme by going to www.veet.vic.gov.au

The VEET Scheme is updated from time to time, and some of the rebates have been reduced recently – so if you are sitting on the fence, waiting to decide, do your research and call us now to come to site to do an assessment and proposal. There will never be a better time than now to take advantage of the VEET Scheme.

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